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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Altered Dominoes

I am a little late getting on the band wagon for Altered Dominoes, but "OH MY GOSH", I have had so much fun making them I can not even express my happiness!!  First, let me show some of the dominoes that I have made:

I watched a youtube video (of course!) from Luisa Diaz

that gave me some great information and ideas.  I was also able to find some domino collage sheets already compiled by The Sum of All Crafts blog, so go over and leave some blog love for Valerie!

In addition to using the Altered Dominoes as pendants, other suggestions have been to use them as a pin or on a flash drive to make it easier to find it.  Also, hanging it from the rear view mirror in the car or as a zipper pull.  I think your imagination is the only obstacle to the uses of the dominoes.

I put together a short tutorial with pictures to show how I made my Dominoes:

First, some of the tools needed:
The jewelry tools are used to make the dangles to decorate the domino.  The WRMK corner rounder was used to round the corners of the paper glued to the domino...I used the 1/4" corner rounder.  The glossy accents was used to adhere the paper to the domino and the E6000 was used to adhere the hardware to the domino.

Next, is the dominoes with paper:

If you notice on the middle domino, I really liked the blue angel, but it was not tall enough for the domino.  So I found a paper to put behind it and glued both papers to the domino.  I really like the way it looks!  Another option is to distress the edges of the paper with ink.
After the paper is adhered to the domino, I add the glossy accents to protect it.  It will be cloudy until it dries.
I wanted to add something extra to the chevron patterned paper, so I added a couple of charms to the glossy accents while it was wet.

While the dominoes are drying, I made the bead dangles that I like to make.  When I first started making the dominoes, I used 5 bead dangles on each domino.  That seemed kind of bulky to me, so I next started just doing 3 bead dangles per domino.  This is how I made those:

On the other two dominoes, I used a single bead dangle.  My exchange student, Ting, from Taiwan suggested that one dangle would look very pretty on the dominoes.  I changed the bead dangle a little to have a chain tassel on the bottom, so these are the components I used:
This is how these components went together:

The finished dominoes look like this:
If you notice on the dangles, I have a round charm at the top of them.  I am using these charms as the jewelry bail to attach them to the domino with the E6000.  I have used heart charms on other of the dominoes, but you can use whatever you have available, as well as making your own bails out of wire.  There are videos on youtube to show you how.

I hope you like how these turned out and hope you are inspired to make your own!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Memory Folio

As you have probably noticed, I am kind of addicted to youtube videos. Well, I have been watching Kona Raven's videos and she has a Build a Memory Folio Tutorial as well as a few more to make additions to it.  This is my version that I made for a friend going on vacation.  This is the first one I have made, so it is pretty basic:

I was going to add a memo pad to the folio, but ran out of time. I will have to put one in the next folio I make.  My friend loved it and plans to gather all kinds of brochures to put in it.  Perfect!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Planner

My exchange student, Juliette, was wanting a planner to write down homework assignments.  She did not find anything she liked at the local stores, so I decided to make a planner for her using Microsoft Word.  The advantage was that I really needed a planner myself, so we both benefited!
I was going to attach the file I made for this planner, but I only have Microsoft Word Starter and I do not know how to attach the file to this post.  If you would like to see what my calendar file looks like, leave a comment with your email address and I will email the file to you.  I did print it out 1 page at a time because I needed to flip the pages to print on the back side of the paper.  Next I folded each page in half and stacked the pages in order and used cement glue on the back of the folds and used binder clips to hold the paper in place while the glue dried.  Next, I cut some chipboard for the cover.  2 pieces at 8.5 x 5.5, 1 piece at .5 x 8.5.  Cut 2 pieces of designer paper 11.75 x 8.5.  Attach the large chipboard pieces at the edge of one of the designed papers and then attach the spine in between them.  It would be better to dry fit the chipboard before gluing it down.  I use score tape, but use glue if that is your preference.  Then cover the other side with the other piece of designer paper.  I left the edges of the chipboard raw and then used distress ink to color them.  I enclosed the planner with some cardstock with white glue...the score tape did not stick to the dried cement glue.  I did use score tape to attach the cardstock to the cover.  Planner completed!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

School Gifts

August has arrived very quickly this summer!!  I go back to work next week in preparation of the students starting the week after.  I always like to start and end the year with a gift for my fellow teachers.  We have a small campus, so I do not have to make a whole bunch.  This year, I saw this tutorial by The 36th Avenue for Apple jars.  They looked so cute and easy, this is what I decided to make.

I went to Walmart to buy the supplies:  1 case of half pint jars, red acrylic paint, foam paint brushes, and green spray paint.  I had green cardstock at home and instead of the wooden pegs for the stem, I decided to use brown buttons that I also had.  The total cost was about $11.00.

I made sure to wash the jars first because I am putting candy in the jars. Painting the jars did not take a whole lot of time, but I did have to do 3-4 coats of the red acrylic paint.  Even then, the paint is translucent with nothing in the jars.  After filling them with candy, it looked better! (what doesn't look better with candy in it? lol) 

I took the lids outside to spray paint them green...when I checked to see if the lids were dry I kept seeing spots I missed with the paint, so this was an all day process.

To make the leaves, I punched out 24 ovals with my 1 3/4" x 7/8" Stampin' Up Oval Punch and then shaped them with my scissors. (I tried the Scalloped Oval Punch, but liked the other punch better.)   I then used a score tool to make the veins on the leaves and used the handle of the tool to curl the leaves.

Next was to pick out 12 brown buttons and hot glue everything to the top of the jars.

They are now filled with candy and ready to go for Monday!  The sad part is that the candy cost more than making the jars did!!
Wishing you all a Happy School Year!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Storage Unit

A fellow Crafter Annette Bogle made the most awesome storage unit out of foam board.  Her youtube video here takes you through her process of creation.  I was inspired by her unit to look at other videos showing foam board storage units.  The structure I decided to make was more of a tower than a drawer unit and I used this video as my blue print.
 This is my area before I finished my unit:

This is what the tower looks like before adding all of the above items:

Now with everything in its place:

Really happy with the way it turned out!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Storage Unit Tutorial - Part 1

I have had such a marvelous response to the Storage Unit I made and was asked to make a tutorial for it.  Before I begin, I want to thank Annette Bogle for her foam board project and tutorial that started me on the journey to build my own.  I really did not have a place for an embellishment unit, so I watched a lot of youtube videos to see what everyone was doing.  I found Annette's inspiration from Luane Kash and went on to find my tower inspiration from TitiDesignsNYC but there was no tutorial with it so I used her verbal and visual clues in her video to design mine.

NOTE:  My measurements for this storage unit should be viewed as suggestions.  Please adjust them to be more useful to your storage needs. 

Supplies Needed:
 4 sheets of foam board (30 inches x 20 inches)
Craft knife
Hot glue gun and glue sticks 
Adhesive backed paper packaging tape (I bought mind online at Staples)
      Or construction strips 2 inches wide with 1 inch score line using  score tape or wet glue to adhere
1 lazy susan to use as a turn table

Bases:  Cut 3 pieces of foam board 9 inches by 30 inches



        Section 1:  (A)   Cut 2 pieces of foam board   3 inches by  30 
                                   inches   (sides)
                                       (B)   Cut 2 pieces of foam board   3 inches by 8.5 
                                   inches   (top and bottom)
 NOTE:  Some of the following pictures are different sizes than the pattern states, so do not
worry that it looks the wrong probably is.  I am making another unit and took pictures
while I was making it to show what each step looks like.

Hot glue long piece (A) to one base piece, lining it up to the edge of the base.    Cut a piece of packaging tape the length of the foam board (about 30 inches long), then cut it in half lengthwise and fold each piece in half.          

Attach the tape to the inside and outside of the foam board and base for support.  Repeat this on the other side of the base piece.




After long sides are secure, take the short piece of foam board (B) and run hot glue on both short edges and one long edge and adhere to base piece between the long pieces of foam board already attached making sure to be even to the edge of the base.  Repeat the process of attaching packaging tape.
Attach the other small piece of foam board (B) to the other end of the base with hot glue and packaging tape.  When all four sides of this section is complete, cut 4 pieces of packaging tape 3 inches or so long, cut each piece in half and adhere to the corner edges, inside and out to secure the corners. 

         This completes the outside of the box for Section 1.

To complete the inside of the box, measure the height needed for your stamp pads, making sure to give enough room be able to pull the pads off of the shelf.  I used  1 inch.  

Cut a strip from the foam board 2.75 inches wide, then cut that strip into 1 inch widths.  After cutting this strip down, repeat this process until you have completed the number of shelves you want in your section.

I left room at the top and bottom for drawers, so if you do this, you will need 2 pieces of foam board 2.75 inches by 3 inches for each drawer space.

For the shelves, I cut a strip of foam board 8.5 inches wide (confirm this width by measuring the inside width of your box.)  Then cut this strip into 3 inch widths.

To construct shelves: 
Place hot glue on one flat side of the  1 x 2.75 foam board piece then put glue side to the inside wall of the box, repeat on other side.
Note:  These foam board pieces need to be fairly level when the shelf is placed on them, so be consistent.  

Next place one shelf piece across the glued in foam pieces…you will NOT be gluing in the shelf unless you want to.  Repeat, building up the shelves on the inside of the box until you reach the top or leave room for a drawer.  If you place a drawer at the top, be sure to glue down the last shelf so it won’t  keep falling off.  Section 1 is complete, decorate with paper.
I hope these pictures help you understand what my instructions mean.  If you have any questions on this part, please leave a comment with a way to contact you and I will try to answer any question.  If someone has a better way to describe the process, please do. 

Thank you  for stopping by.  I will try to get Part 2 finished soon.